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Sustainable fabrics that will be the future of fashion

November 22, 2023
sustainable fabrics

Every year, 20 million tons of clothes are thrown out and sit in landfills unable to decompose because clothing confection continues to be mostly fossil-based, which is everything except eco-friendly. And while recycled materials and sustainable fabrics have been supporting a greener approach to the industry, the future of fashion must continue to contemplate more nature-based and biodegradable fibers.…

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Top 5 influencer picks for Fall-Winter 2023/24

November 15, 2023
influencer picks

Our favorite influencers not only inspire us to dive deep into our closets and create cool outfits, but are also our go-to for the most current fashion tips – what’s trending and how to wear it with style. Fall-Winter 2023/24 is no exception and these are the top 10 picks from the it girls we love to follow.…

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Brands we love

5 most iconic and wanted Gucci items

November 8, 2023
iconic gucci

With over a century of gold standard dedication to luxurious fashion, Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Gucci transcends trends and celebrates individual style, it oozes sophistication and style – all at an outstanding level that only a few brand names are able to successfully attain. We’re going all out Gucci today!…

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5 timeless white bags

November 1, 2023
white bags

Whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day didn’t imagine that one of the hottest fashion trends out there would actually welcome white with open arms: first head-to-toe white winter outfits and now white bags. And they’re not just trendy – they’re sophisticated, elegant, and synonymous with timeless.…

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