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5 most iconic and wanted Gucci items

November 8, 2023
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With over a century of gold standard dedication to luxurious fashion, Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance, Gucci transcends trends and celebrates individual style, it oozes sophistication and style – all at an outstanding level that only a few brand names are able to successfully attain. We’re going all out Gucci today!

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The Gucci Tiger Sweater

Inspired by the Year of the Tiger in 2020, the Italian powerhouse presented the Gucci Tiger – a celebration of a motif that has long been associated with the power and seductiveness of the brand, usually accentuated by other iconic themes such as florals, greenery, and retro-inspired patterns. The Gucci Tiger sweater is a one-of-a-kind piece for Gucci scavenger hunters.

gucci items

The Gucci Mules

Gucci on your feet is like walking on cloud nine – soft, comfortable, premium leather that looks good and feels good. From classic loafers to chic mules, imprinted with the brand’s signature double Gs or embellished with the elegant and equally iconic horsebit accessory, our opinion is unanimous: invest in a pair of each, wear them with everything!

gucci items

The Gucci Diana Bag

If you love Gucci and are a Princess Diana fan, then it simply just doesn’t get any more iconic than the Diana bag. Originally created in 1991, the Gucci Diana tote bag is an elegant tribute to one of the most iconic and beloved women of our time, evolving over the years in terms of silhouette, but maintaining its two unmistakable trademark characteristics: the iconic bamboo handles and the detachable leather belts. Truly desirable.

gucci items

The Gucci Boots

The Italian brand’s famous interlocking GG logo was designed in 1961 and can be seen on many famous Gucci items, including their riding or rain boots – a step in the stylish direction when it comes to investing in luxurious secondhand brand names like this one.

gucci items

The Gucci Ring

Known for designing simple but stunning jewelry, Gucci created a timeless piece that you’ll cherish forever and use every day as a sophisticated signature piece or save for those extra special days. The Gucci Icon Band Ring is exactly that – iconic and inspiring.

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