5 timeless white bags

November 1, 2023
white bags

Whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day didn’t imagine that one of the hottest fashion trends out there would actually welcome white with open arms: first head-to-toe white winter outfits and now white bags. And they’re not just trendy – they’re sophisticated, elegant, and synonymous with timeless.

White bags

The white Birkin by Hermès

A Birkin will always be a Birkin. And a white Birkin? A white Birkin is the epitome of exclusiveness and elegant femininity… and will complement a myriad of outstanding outfits. It’s also an ageless fashion trend.

white bags

The white Shoulder Pouch by Bottega Venetta

The Shoulder Pouch quickly became one of Bottega Venetta’s iconic handbags, and the white version is a fashion trend that will most definitely never go out of style.

white bags

The white Tote by Christian Dior

The perfect white tote bag exists and it was impeccably designed by fashion powerhouse Christian Dior – get ready to never leave home without it.

white bags

The white Marmont by Gucci

Looking for a beautiful white bag that is equal parts casual and cool, luxurious and perfect for everyday wear and stare? Look no further than the stunning Marmont by Gucci.

white bags

The white Le Ciuciu bag by Jacquemus

Quiet luxury, impeccable design, and great versatility – the Le Ciuciu is the perfect LWB (little white bag) by fashion trendsetter Jacquemus.

White bags are gorgeous, versatile and can be worn year-round. Which means they’re not just a beautiful statement piece, they’re also a great investment piece. Shop your first or your next white bag at MyPrivateDressing.

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