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Step out in style with 7 designer trainers

September 20, 2023

Looking for the next great fashion style tip? Look down and consider investing in a pair of designer statement trainers. Cool footwear never goes out of style and today sneakers are so much more than just sneakers – they complement jeans and power suits, dresses, shorts and skirts, they can single-handedly transform any look. Plus, they’ll probably be the most comfortable shoes you own… how’s that for walking on cloud nine?

designer sneakers

Bold Balenciaga

Will the Triple S sneaker ever go out of style? We hope not. This designer trainer is contemporary art on your feet. Ready to walk the talk? You will never tire of them, nor will your outfits and that’s a style tip we can stand behind.

designer sneakers

Daring Dolce & Gabbana

True to the brand’s attitude, a pair of Dolce & Gabbana trainers will always be bold, beautiful, and never boring. Can you handle this much style?

designer sneakers

High-end Hermés

Sleek and understated, a pair of high-end Hermés trainers are the perfect style tip for those looking for a pair of statement sneakers that can be worn in the office with trousers and a blazer. You’re welcome!

designer sneakers

Calling Chanel

High-tops are always a great style tip when it comes to designer sneakers that are a statement all on their own – now imagine them on your feet with the coolest outfit ever.

designer sneakers

Amazing Alexander McQueen

Style tip alert: everyone needs a white designer trainer. Why? Because they are elegant and effortless and can be worn with anything and everything.

designer sneakers

Yay Yeezy

Futuristic and unexpected, a pair of Yeezy trainers will turn heads every time you wear them. How’s that for an avant-garde style tip?

designer sneakers

Luxurious Louis Vuitton

The Archlight will have a special spot in your shoe collection because it’s everything you seek in a statement sneaker… and more.

The power of great designer trainers is their ability to create an endless stream of statement outfits ranging from casual to semi-formal to formal – they adapt, blend in, stand out, and elevate any look. Shop your favorite sneakers on MyPrivateDressing and step into statement style.

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