Oversized Style: a must-try new fashion trend

September 6, 2023

Who doesn’t love the emergence of new fashion trends? A revamped classic? Something bold and innovative? Something old made interesting? The oversized clothing style has made a comeback and whether it’s tops, bottoms or outerwear, this is a fresh new trend that deserves a chance.

How it started

The oversized fashion origin was made popular in the 1980s by famous hip-hoppers – think super baggy jeans, jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, and puffer jackets. A truly casual XXL streetwear look that was based on comfort, freedom, and ultimately an i-don’t-care-attitude that simply took on a life of its own. It was truly a go big or go home style.

How it’s going

Still riding the post-pandemic fashion wave, athleisure and loungewear broke free from its traditional “reserved for home clothes” label and took the fashion world by storm. Who doesn’t want to wear clothing that is loose, comfy, and flowing? The difference is that size matters, so choose an oversized size that suits your body type, and be sure to keep tops and bottoms balanced. And don’t forget to have fun while you play around with outfit ideas for this new fashion trend. Oversized is back and it’s an amazing fit!

Why everyone loves the oversized new fashion trend

An alternative to styles that have already been around for a long time – like skinny, slim fit, tailored, body con – the oversized new fashion trend is casual and comfortable, but also cool and contemporary. It’s not just about wearing your loungewear to the office, it’s about having the freedom of space and rocking an androgenous look. It’s about making space to mix and match oversized pieces with other items like skinny, slim fit, tailored, body con… The results are all influencer-worthy.

10 ways to wear the oversized style

If you’re inclined to invest in this new fashion trend, we created a short and sweet checklist of 10 oversized outfit ideas that will get you started with style:  

Oversized trousers + crochet crop top.

Oversized crisp button-down worn as a dress.

Oversized joggers + denim shirt + Birkenstocks.

Oversized t-shirt + culottes.

Oversized denim jacket + biker shorts.

Oversized dress + cardigan.

Oversized hoodie + blazer + jeans.

Oversized power suit + t-shirt.

Oversized matching knitwear set.

Oversized jacket + tracksuit.

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