Old money, new looks

August 2, 2023
old money

The old money aesthetic quickly became a new fashion trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With a preppy influence and catapulted by the success of the award-winning TV show “Succession”, everyone is in line for this classic American style that is ultimately inspired by the inherited wealth of famous family dynasties, like the Kennedys, and timeless brands like Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. 

Old money is the trend everyone is talking about and wearing. So, what is it exactly? Think pristine quality and impeccable tailoring. Think logo-free but luxurious. Think classic American prep like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, but also the eternal elegance of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. But also iconic Princess Diana. Think effortless chic at a stratospheric level. Less is more – old money, new looks.

old money

The Blazer

Old money piece: a beautiful blazer that subtly conveys that perfect vintage vibe.

New look: wear it with a cool sweatshirt or hoodie.

old money

The Trousers

Old money piece: a pair of perfectly tailored feminine linen pants.

New look: wear them cropped for a fresh new fashion trend approach to old money.

old money

The Vest

Old money piece: the preppy old-school vest normally worn over a button-down shirt.

New look: the new fashion trend is to wear it as a shirt with nothing underneath.

old money

The Bag

Old money piece: high-quality, classic leather handbags that scream luxury.

New look: the new fashion trend calls for a gorgeous streamlined and logo-free bag that whispers quiet luxury.

old money

The Cap

Old money piece: originally worn for tennis or golf, followed by lunch at the country club. 

New look: worn with everything from leisure wear to jeans to a little black dress, no logos are allowed with this new fashion trend.

old money

The Socks

Old money piece: pulled up white sports socks worn exclusively for sports. 

New look: pulled up white sports socks are cool with athleisure wear and trainers, casual looks and Birkenstocks, and of course with sporty slippers.

old money

The Jeans

Old money piece: mom-jeans worn mom-style.

New look: the new fashion trend is denim that is polished, not ripped, worn the quiet luxury way.

old money

The Cable Knit Sweater

Old money piece: worn properly for lunch with the girls or for watching the kid’s little league baseball game. 

New look: tucked into jeans or tossed casually over the shoulders – easy, peasy.

When it comes to new fashion trends, the old money aesthetic is as appealing, as it is easy to replicate. Find the amazing quiet luxury items you’re looking for on MyPrivateDressing.

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