6 ways to wear florals fabulously

July 5, 2023

Although florals aren’t exactly a new fashion trend – they are actually one of the oldest patterns in fashion – florals are so beautiful and versatile, that as they cyclically return to the fashion stage, their timelessness becomes stronger and stronger. As do the unique ways to wear them.

florar print

The floral summer dress

A floral dress is synonymous with summer and the ideal statement piece for fashionistas who are passionate about not only buying their own flowers, but flaunting them. Important style tip: the smaller the floral print, the smaller the illusion of the silhouette, so a great rule of thumb is to choose florals with flowers that are no larger than the size of your palm. When it comes to new fashion trends, go for a more subtle or even darker shade of florals.

floral print

Floral swimwear

If you love flowers, but are hesitant about a head-to-toe look, ease into this new fashion trend with a floral swimsuit or bikini and balance it out with a cute summer dress in a solid color or wear it with cut-off denim shorts.

floral print

Matching floral set

When it comes to new fashion trends and a complete floral look, the obvious choice is a matching floral set with tops and bottoms that can be easily mixed and matched with solid-colored pieces for even more great ways to wear florals fabulously and all summer long.

floral print

Floral outerwear

Looking for a surprising floral statement piece? Head to the outerwear section and depending on your style, try on a floral bomber jacket, cardigan or blazer for size. Perfect for wearing over a neutral dress, a pair of tailored black culottes or the basic white t-shirt and jeans combo, this fun floral garment will bring you endless joy. New fashion floral trend? We’re in!

floral print

Floral footwear

Another great way to discreetly wear a pop of fabulous florals is on your feet – think embellished sandals with perfectly constructed flowers, embroidered sneakers or floral-printed flats. A simple and carefree new fashion trend that will instantly blossom into a gorgeous summer look.

floral print

The floral silk scarf

New fashion trends in florals are not only reviving the silk scarf, but how to wear it: worn around your wrist, as a beautiful belt to show off any type of pants or shorts, tied around your summer tote bag, woven into your braid or worn as a headband. The ultimate floral investment piece that just keeps on giving… and blooming!

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