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5 pieces that will make you more stylish

March 15, 2023
stylish pieces

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe to style 5.0 it’s easier than you might think. All you need to do is add a few stylish pieces that can be mixed and matched with what you already own to create new and fresh influencer-inspired looks to start wearing immediately. Ready for a mini-closet makeover?

stylish pieces

Wide-leg trousers

Cool, calm and collected, they’re all the rage… and this is one of those stylish pieces that your closet is most definitely craving. Super versatile and comfortable (especially if they have pockets!), a pair of wide-leg trousers will dress you up at the office, dress you down during down time, and even take you to a concert or museum opening. Who knew you could get so much out of a pair of stylish trousers!

stylish pieces

Luxurious loafers

Looking for something that will make you instantly more stylish? Look down! Invest in a pair of luxurious loafers and watch this stylish piece of fashion take you everywhere – from date night to an important meeting, from the movies to running errands, and always looking head-to-toe perfect.

stylish pieces

Classic trench coat

One of the most stylish pieces in any woman’s wardrobe is a classic. Yes, the trench coat! In black, brown, beige or navy blue, it’s the style that counts and this timeless coat not only remains in season year-round and year after year, it completes any cool outfit with that extra polished and put-together look. Especially if you invest in one with a twist or interesting detailing, because it’s both classic and cool.

stylish pieces

Cool crop top

All the it-girls are wearing one and the truth is that the crop top isn’t going anywhere any time soon – in fact, it’s been spotted on all the best-dressed women in the coolest spots around the globe. Wear it with any of the stylish pieces listed above and you’ll be ready to elevate your style to fashion influencer stat.

stylish pieces

Iconic handbag

It’s usually the last accessory added to a look, so when you’re picking your handbag make it a befitting stylish piece that just makes the entire outfit. An iconic bag can go a very long way, so choose one that is luxurious and well made, with a timeless design and in a color that perfectly matches your fashion lifestyle. One of the best secondhand pieces you can invest in to instantly add more swag to your day-to-day.

Elevate your natural style with incredible secondhand pieces that will make you even more stylish. In great condition and at affordable prices, reaching it-girl status is as easy as shopping for a few stylish pieces on MyPrivateDressing – it’s where all the fashion influencers go!

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