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The 5 most iconic and wanted Michael Kors items

March 8, 2023
Michael Kors items

What comes to mind when you hear the words Michael Kors? One of the most renowned fashion brands in the world, it all started in 1981 when award-winning designer Michael Kors launched his first collection, mixing modern glamour with urban attitude and giving it the MK stamp of luxury status. The rest as they say is inspiring fashion history and today there are a handful of iconic Michael Kors items that every woman would love having in their closet.

Michael Kors items

The Michael Kors handbag

At the top of any fashionista’s Michael Kors wishlist is, without a doubt, one of the American brand’s handbags. Its luxury arm candy is probably one of the accessories that catapulted Michael Kors to iconic status, which means owning one is mandatory. Whether it’s a sleek and elegant compact design, a cool and timeless backpack, or a monogrammed tote, we know for a fact that the hard part will be choosing THE one.

Michael Kors items

The Michael Kors watch

Michael Kors has dedicated time to designing super special accessories such as elegant watches that have been literally standing the test of time since 2004. Bold and beautiful, this is the type of most wanted MK item that is worth the secondhand luxury investment. Slow down, it’s time for a Michael Kors timepiece.

Michael Kors items

The Michael Kors flats

The most wanted Michael Kors footwear? Flats! With the famous MK gold circle logo, the designer’s footwear collections gained global recognition as soon as they were launched in the early 2000s and the American designer has been crafting high-quality shoes ever since. Stylish and distinctive, this is most definitely an iconic Michael Kors design that you’ll want to try on for size.

Michael Kors items

The Michael Kors dress

Michael Kors has always known how to design for a woman’s body and the many dresses that permeate his famous ready-to-wear collections are proof of that. Which means that owning an ultra-feminine, sophisticated Michael Kors dress is owning a piece of coveted American fashion history.

Michael Kors items

The Michael Kors aviators

Part of the designer’s own personal trademark style, a pair of Michael Kors aviator sunglasses are the ultimate MK collection piece. A timeless design with iconic status, slipping on a pair of shades like these is slipping on the cool confidence that the brand has always strived for and achieved.

If you’re a Michael Kors fan we completely understand! So much so that we have a vast collection of iconic Michael Kors products ready and waiting for a new closet and fresh ways to be worn. Shop Michael Kors on MyPrivateDressing and start crossing off your most wanted items from that luxury wishlist.

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