The comeback of the season: UGG boots

March 1, 2023
ugg boots

Originally launched in 2005, UGG boots immediately became all the rage, worn by influencers, celebrities, and everyone in between. And it’s so easy to see why: a footwear statement piece that is mega comfortable and can be worn with any outfit for head-to-toe trendy style. The effortless chic fashion tendency is back – did it really go away? – and there are multiple ways to incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe with the brand’s new ultra mini and platform models. Ready to UGG?

ugg boots

UGG x Leisurewear

Super comfy and laid-back, this simple trendy style is the easiest way to incorporate and wear any pair of UGG boots. Plus it’s the perfect outfit to take you from lounging around the house to walking the dog, to supermarket runs.

ugg boots

UGG x Jeans

A classic pairing, you just can’t go wrong with UGGs and jeans. The 2023 trendy style dictates that you invest in a pair of platform UGGs and uplift the outfit even further with a tailored blazer and a luxury handbag.

ugg boots

UGG x Dresses

Who said trendy style UGG outfits don’t exist? These shearling-lined boots, in all their shapes, sizes, and colors, are the fabulous footwear answer for pairing with any type of dress: boho and flowing, short and casual. This Spring, we guarantee you’ll be wearing the duo UGGs and dresses on rotation.

ugg boots

UGG x Trousers

Would you dare pair UGGs with a power suit or black trousers and a cashmere sweater for the office? Now that’s not only this trendy style at its peak, it’s also how you take UGG boots back to pure iconic status. Challenge accepted?

ugg boots

UGG x Skirts

If dresses aren’t your thing, but the idea of pairing UGGs with bare legs is the kind of trendy style you’re going for, wear a skirt. Some of the it-girls are also wearing leg warmers over their UGG boots, so that’s just another idea for playing around with this iconic fashion comeback.

ugg boots

UGG x Shorts

Not a fan of skirts? Swap them for a cool pair of short shorts and add a pair of short socks… the UGG mini and clog versions just love how they elevate this trendy style to a total influencer look. Ready to turn some heads?

They may be deemed “ugly shoes” by many, but the truth is there aren’t many – if any! – more comfortable shoes on the planet than a pair of UGGs. Plus they have that trendy style vibe that all cool girls aspire to. So, what are you waiting for? Shop your next pair of UGG boots on MyPrivateDressing.

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