Secondhand Fashion vs Fast Fashion: everything you need to know

January 25, 2023
sustainable luxury fashion

Fast fashion is accessible, easy and low-cost. Secondhand fashion is accessible, easy and, in comparison, low-cost as well. Fast fashion is not sustainable luxury fashion. Secondhand fashion can most definitely be sustainable luxury fashion. Fast fashion is not planet-friendly nor does it contribute to circular fashion. Secondhand fashion is extremely planet-friendly and the basis of circular fashion. It’s pretty easy to understand why our motto is buy less, buy better, buy to last.

Fast fashion is fast

The allure of fast fashion is its trendy status and its low-cost ready-to-wear pieces. The downside is that it stimulates excessive consumption and as the pile of clothing, shoes, and accessories in our homes grow, so does the havoc it wreaks on the planet. Besides inadvertently contributing to pollution, carbon emissions, climate change, and unfair work conditions around the globe; style-wise we easily get bored of fast fashion pieces or their quality is so disappointing it quickly leads us to discard them. Where’s the fun or eco-responsibility in that?

Secondhand fashion is slow

At MyPrivateDressing we believe that fashion isn’t trendy or seasonal, we believe that fashion is personal and a lifelong journey, we believe that clothes must be made to last and that true style is timeless. As a sustainable luxury fashion project, we promote the very essence of circular fashion and invite you to do the same – instead of throwing away items, we promote a longer life for clothing, shoes, and accessories for both buyers and sellers. It works both ways, and that’s the beauty of sustainability in the fashion world.

Say yes to the circular economy, say yes to circular fashion

When we say yes to sustainable luxury fashion, we’re saying yes to circular fashion. We are not only buying less, saving money, and reusing more, most importantly we are recycling and giving a new life to items that may have otherwise ended up in another landfill. By promoting the life cycle of any fashion item, as long and as sustainably as possible, we are also limiting the consumption of natural resources, reducing waste, and taking care of the environment.

Significant shopping means buying less things, but making smarter and more eco-friendly purchases. When you buy sustainable luxury fashion it means making room for what you truly love, it means discovering unique pieces that you will wear proudly for years to come, it means being able to quickly sell something that is not quite right, while making someone else very happy along the way. Keep it sustainable, keep it circular – a win-win for everyone who loves luxury fashion.

From one closet to the next, buying and selling sustainable luxury fashion at MyPrivateDressing is all about keeping your style impeccable, while contributing in the most eco-friendly way possible to circular fashion. Join us!

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