Top 10 cold weather statement coats

November 16, 2022

With temperatures dropping and winter fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your outerwear looks! Luxury coats are always in season and whether it’s a long overcoat, a puffer jacket, or a short and sweet pea coat, any one of them can definitely make an outfit, while keeping you warm and cozy.

puffer coat

The puffer

Casual and sporty or sleek and cool, but always a statement, a luxury puffer coat will last a lifetime of winters so choose one in your absolute favorite color… and don’t be afraid to go bold!

trench coat

The trench coat

Short or long, you can’t go wrong with a classic beige, black, or navy blue trench coat that will keep you looking sharp and dry on even the greyest winter days. A timeless statement all on its own, choose one with an unexpected twist, because this a luxury coat worth investing in.

long overcoat

The long overcoat

Oversized or in a daring and unexpected color, the long overcoat is the winter luxury coat of your dreams. Belted or double-breasted, envelop yourself in a silhouette that will never go out of style.

shearling coat

The shearling coat

What’s comfortable and snug, and fits like a glove? A gorgeous luxury coat that has the warmth of shearling written all over it. A wintertime classic statement piece that you’ll wear again and again… and again!


The tailored coat

In wool or cashmere, a patterned tailored coat is a true statement piece when it comes to winter outerwear. Elegance, class, and quality from top to bottom, while discreetly shouting “look how amazing I look in this luxury coat!”.

faux fur coat

The faux fur coat

A winter wardrobe is not complete without a luxury faux fur coat: dressed up for a fancy evening out or dressed down with jeans for a relaxed weekend, this statement coat does double duty in style.

cape coat

The cape coat

A unique luxury cape is the statement coat you didn’t know was missing from your winter wardrobe – go for an eye-popping color, go for a brand name beauty, go full on cape, super woman!

patterned coat

The patterned coat

A patterned parka is the perfect piece to brighten up any cloudy, cold day, and will instantly elevate even the most monochromatic outfit. Give yourself the luxury of a luxury coat that makes a gorgeous fashion statement all on its own.

short coat

The short coat

A short luxury coat for the colder weather can take on many shapes and sizes: pea coat, trapeze style or blazer inspired, it’s a great statement piece to mix up your outerwear collection in a daring and original way.

leather jacket

The leather coat

For those crisp days that don’t necessarily call for a heavy winter overcoat, a luxury fur-lined leather luxury coat is the perfect alternative to stay cozy on the inside and look put together on the outside.

One of the best secondhand investment pieces to add to a wardrobe is a luxury coat: every winter you’ll pull it out and be astonished at how timeless and new it continues to look. Absolutely inspiring when it comes to creating an entire collection of new outfits. Ready for a new statement outerwear piece? Shop luxury coats at MyPrivateDressing.

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