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The 5 most iconic and wanted Burberry items

May 11, 2022

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the goal of this namesake brand was to create outerwear that protected against the volatility of the English climate. Evolving from innovative and practical garments, to super stylish and extremely coveted, Burberry literally took the world by storm. Beautifully crafted and elegantly worn for over 150 years, these are the most iconic and wanted Burberry items out there. 


The iconic Burberry trench

Did you know that the most coveted Burberry item is the iconic trench coat? And that its origins date back to 1879 when Thomas Burberry invented the waterproof and breathable fabric “gabardine” that would change raincoats forever? The design that most resembles the one we are familiar with today was created for the military during World War I and the emblematic Burberry check pattern was used as a coat lining for the first time in 1920. More than a century later, the Burberry trench is as timeless as ever and whether you’re looking for a vintage or modern version, it’s the perfect Burberry piece to buy second-hand. Rainy days never looked so good!


The beautiful Burberry bag

It ticks all the boxes: classic and with the ideal size, practical and stylish, elegant and everlasting. The iconic Burberry tote bag is a delight to carry anywhere and everywhere, as it is a genuine expression of British art and craftsmanship, superior quality, and luxurious utility. Shopped second-hand makes owning one even more delightful.


Burberry trainers: tartan or equestrian knight?

A world-famous brand such as Burberry is always keen on keeping up with the times and its cool trainers are just one great example. Decked out in the popular tartan motif or discreetly displaying the alternative – but equally iconic – equestrian knight logo, the question is: which timeless Burberry trainers would you step out in?


Burberry bucket hat at your service

Paying true homage to Thomas Burberry’s effortless and practical outerwear, the Burberry bucket hat, with its unmistakable white, red, beige and black tartan pattern, is one of the British brand’s most sought-after items. The ideal transition piece, the truth is it will never transition out of your closet. Is it on your wishlist? We imagine it is. Hats off to luxurious and timeless second-hand Burberry accessories.


The Burberry scarf, a luxurious accessory

Considered the ultimate Burberry accessory, the brand’s gorgeous cashmere scarves have been exclusively created in the same two Scottish mills for over a century, making the item a must-have and a must-wear. Did you know that the tassels are added to confer even greater softness to the scarf? An ageless garment that wonderfully complements any style, you’ll be reaching for this sustainable second-hand Burberry item time and time again.

Combining elegance and functionality since 1856, shop Britain’s most beautiful brand, shop luxury second-hand Burberry at MyPrivateDressing. A truly timeless investment that remains constant and contemporary.

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