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The 6 most iconic and wanted Gucci items

November 10, 2021

The house of Gucci is celebrating 100 years of dedication to high-end fashion, with Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail and elegance at the forefront of its century-long success. Over the years, and as with any brand, creations have come and gone… however, some continue to stand out as iconic Gucci pieces and when they’re iconic, they last forever. We’re shopping Gucci head-to-toe today!

  1. The Gucci bag

Gucci is known for many of its classic and timeless bag designs – the Jackie, the Soho Disco, the Dionysus, the Bamboo bag, are all swoon-worthy examples of sustainable style. Our spotlight goes to the Marmont: dating back to 2016, this small-sized bag has a larger than life design, making it is as popular and sought out as ever. In addition to the original hot pink model, there are many colors to choose from.

  1. The Gucci belt

The iconic double G belt has been around for a few decades now and, over the last few years, has been updated from a classic black or brown leather belt to options that include more color, more texture, more width options and even embellished GGs. Whatever your choice, MyPrivateDressing has many great second-hand Gucci options.

  1. The Gucci sunglasses

It’s true that sunglasses trends come and go, but a pair of Gucci second-hand sunglasses are a closet staple that just keep on giving – the perfect sustainable luxury item, this accessory is a statement piece all on its own. Slip them on and you’re instantly transported to a road trip down the Amalfi coast, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

  1. The Gucci scarf

After customizing a scarf for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in 1961, beautiful floral prints became one of the brand’s trademarks and gained new life in 2005. Revived and updated, a Gucci scarf will always be a Gucci scarf – a second-hand luxury item that has become a true collector’s piece, enduring over time and trends.

  1. The Gucci t-shirt

The Italian brand has long since embraced the famous interlocking GG logo originally designed in 1961 and proudly displays it everywhere, from hardware on belts and bags, to their equally iconic motifs, such as the Diamante canvas or the Web print. A classic Gucci t-shirt with the brand’s signature double Gs front and centre continues to be a cult item, perfect for pairing with jeans and a blazer.

  1. The Gucci loafers

Did you know that when the house of Gucci opened its doors in 1921, it was a supplier of equestrian goods? The clear inspiration behind the iconic Horsebit Loafers, these were originally created in 1953, standing out due to the metallic accessory adorning them and that is a nod to a horse’s mouthpiece. Continuously updated over the years because they’re just that good, we suggest you run, don’t walk, to get your second-hand luxury Gucci loafers!

Ready to get your hands on these truly inspirational and one of a kind luxury pieces? Then get ready to shop Gucci second-hand at MyPrivateDressing.

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