Sustainable luxury is the future of fashion

November 2, 2021

Although ever-evolving fashion has always been circular, with trends coming and going, the truth is we’re now embracing another type of circular fashion – one that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. And if you think that second-hand or vintage fashion isn’t luxurious or desirable, think again. What goes around comes around, and now it’s greener and cooler than ever. Sustainable luxury is the future of fashion and MyPrivateDressing is at the heart of it.

Opening our closets to sustainable fashion

We are what we wear.
And we’re wearing sustainable luxury fashion.
We’re buying less, but we’re doing more with it.
Less can be so much more.
More mixing and matching.
More original outfit ideas.
More wearing.
Wearing what we have.
Donating or selling what we don’t wear.
Less overflowing closets, more functional closets.
We’re increasing the life-span of previously loved clothing.
We’re discovering our dream items. 
We’re investing in them.
We’re holding on to them.
Quality over quantity.
Special over superfluous. 
Timeless over trendy.
Style and sustainability.

With each eco-friendly step, we are also contributing to a more ethical fashion industry behind-the-scenes: optimizing natural resources, providing better conditions for workers, less pollution along the supply chain, a greener fashion world.

This is the MyPrivateDressing Manifesto.
This is why we are 100% dedicated to sustainable luxury fashion.

Why is MyPrivateDressing the future of sustainable shopping?

There’s only one thing we love more than fashion… and that’s sustainable fashion. Our mission is to provide premium second-hand and vintage clothing and accessories, from the most luxurious brand names in the world, at accessible prices and in perfect conditions. Fashion that has been loved and gently worn or never worn at all and is looking for a new closet, for a new life. Imagine all the amazing iconic pieces that may just come your way or that you may be able to send someone else’s way – this is the beauty of sustainability, this is the future of fashion. Are you ready for it? 

Our work ethic is eco-conscious

When it comes to sustainable luxury fashion, MyPrivateDressing’s work ethic is based on 4 important pillars:

  1. Authenticity guarantee: we are experts in fighting counterfeit and follow a strict procedure to ensure that every single luxury item on our platform is 100% genuine. We’re obsessed with the best.
  1. Secure payment: we are experts in fighting fraud and are deeply committed to protecting your personal information according to the International Standard IS/ISO/IEC 27001. Every single purchase made on our website is 100% safe. 
  1. Trade protection: we are experts in protecting buyers and sellers and rely on trusted checkout to ensure all product transactions are as seamless as possible. When you shop with us, you always shop securely.
  1. Money back: we are experts in managing return or resell processes and are dedicated to guaranteeing a happy ending to both buyers and sellers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We’re changing the world, one cool eco-friendly outfit at a time. Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, join us – the planet is already thanking us for it.

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