Secondhand Fashion vs Fast Fashion: everything you need to know

January 25, 2023
sustainable luxury fashion

Fast fashion is accessible, easy and low-cost. Secondhand fashion is accessible, easy and, in comparison, low-cost as well. Fast fashion is not sustainable luxury fashion. Secondhand fashion can most definitely be sustainable luxury fashion. Fast fashion is not planet-friendly nor does it contribute to circular fashion. Secondhand fashion is extremely planet-friendly and the basis of circular fashion. It’s pretty easy to understand why our motto is buy less, buy better, buy to last.…

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Brands we love

The 6 most iconic and wanted Moncler items

January 18, 2023
Moncler items

Named after the small village in the French Alps, Monestier-de-Clermont, the cult outerwear brand Moncler was founded in 1952 by René Ramillon and Andrè Vincent. What began as a garment company for workers, cold weather expeditions, and Olympic competitions, quickly catapulted to a renowned luxury sportswear brand with exquisitely crafted outerwear. The rest, as they say, is high-end fashion history. Ready for a piece of it?…

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Fashion Tips

5 cozy-chic outfits to wear today

January 11, 2023
cozy chic outfits

In the mood for comfortable and elegant winter vibes? Our cozy-chic outfit inspiration for the cold weather will keep you looking amazing no matter how cold or dark the day, no matter the time or place. This is an editorial you’ll want to take notes from, composed of secondhand luxury pieces you’ll want to invest in.…

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The Shoe Edit: street style trends to wear this winter

January 4, 2023
trendy shoes

New year, new shoes? Yes, please! And let them all be trendy shoes, OK? We’ve got you completely covered in that department – from the chunky loafer to the wedge boot, without forgetting a cool pair of trainers, these are the trendy shoes that you’ll still want to wear this winter. Let’s step into the new year in style, shall we?…

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